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Area Conversion Calculator

The area conversion calculator allows you to convert between 9 different units for area.  Enter a value in the box for the known unit, press TAB and the other boxes will chance to their equivalent value. You can convert metric units, such as hectares, to other metric units such as square metres or square centimetres.  You can also convert metric units, such has hectares, to imperial units such as acres, square mile or square feet.  The area conversion calculator also works the other way. You can convert imperial units to metric units. The area conversion calculator will help you convert square metres to square feet, convert acres to hectares or convert acres to square mile.  In fact when you enter one measure and press the TAB button you will see the conversion to the other 8 units of measure.


Area Conversions

SI (Metric) Based Units

hectares (10,000 m2): A hectare is the surface occupied by a square with sides 100 metres long.  
ares (100 m2): An are is a surface occupied by a square with sides 10 metres long.  
square metres (m2): A square metre is the official SI unit for measuring area and is the area covered by a square with sides 1 metre long.  
square centimetres (0.0001 m2): The surface occupied by a square with sides 1 centimetre long.  

Other Units

square miles: The surface occupied by a square with sides 1 mile long.  
acres: was originally defined a field that could be ploughed by a team of oxen in one day.  Later this was standardised to be one furlong (10 chains) by 1 chain wide i.e. 10 square chains.  
roods: traditionally as a narrow strip of land one furlong (10 chains) by one rod (1/4 chain) wide (i.e. 2.5 square chains or a quarter of an acre).  In many countries the standard plots of land for suburban houses are 1 rood (the quarter acre block).  
square yards: The surface occupied by a square with sides 1 yard long.  
square feet: The surface occupied by a square with sides 1 foot long.