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Length Conversions

There are many different ways you can use the length conversion calculator below. If you think it may be able to calculate something to do with distance, it probably can - give it a go. Here are some suggestions on the types of problems it can solve:

  • You ran in 3 races - 1 mile, 880yards and 10,000m. How far did you race?

  • How many inches does light travel in a year?

  • 100km/hr speed signs used to be how many miles per hour and is the limit slower or faster now?

  • Which imperial measure is closest to a metric measure?

This length conversion calculator converts metric to imperial and imperial to metric. It also converts one metric measure to another  or one imperial measure to another.  For instance you could convert kilometers to miles or to yards or feet or metres.  Similarly you could convert miles to kilometers or meters or yards, inches, or even to light years.

See below for further instructions - especially related to how to enter the data.

Length Conversions

Instructions for data entry into length conversion calculator:

There are a few things to be careful of -

  • don't enter anything except numbers and a single decimal point - The program is good at finding numbers amongst other stuff, however, it can be confusing if you put commas in your numbers because whilst you might think they are part of a number, the calculator doesn't

  • the program is highly accurate in percentage terms but not in absolute terms. Therefore, if you are using lots of significant places the last places are likely to be incorrect but the size of the error will be a small portion of the whole number.

  • be wary of very large numbers because numbers that are too big for the place the computer provides, are not reported, you just get incorrect or silly results.
  • Enter your input and press the convert button.  While using the length conversion calculator it is a good idea to clear between entries because if you say enter 1 kilomotre and also enter 1 mile it will add the two together.
  • remember the length conversion calculator is only a guide and we cannot guarantee that it fits your purpose.

Thanks for using the length conversion calculator we trust it has been a good guide for you. Below there are also links to a number of other calculators.