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Fuel Consumption Conversions    

There is a vast array of potential units for measuring fuel consumption. The SI (metric) standard method is litres per 100 kilometers. The Imperial (UK) standard is miles per gallon. A modern fuel (or petrol efficient) efficient car would run at under 8 litres per 100 kilomters which is equivalent to around 35 miles per gallon.

With the escalating price of fuel the need to understand your fuel consumption has become increasingly important. As is the need to understand how to reduce your fuel consumption. Fuel consumption units are not as easy as you might think. For example, if the measurement increases, is your engine becoming more or less efficient?

The answer depends on the scale you are using. If you are measuring miles per gallon, kilometres per litre or any other distance per volume measure the answer is that the higher the number the more efficient the engine. However, if you are measuring litres per kilometer or any other volume per distance measure, the answer is reversed.

Also, if you happen to be driving an old car in a country that uses the SI (metric) unit for measuring fuel (litres) you may be measuring distance in Imperial(UK) units and volume in SI units so the number of options expand, along with the level of confusion.

Use the fuel consumption converter below to work out a many other possible measures. You can start with either a fuel consumption expressed in 1 of 10 different ways or with how much fuel was used and the distance travelled.

Measuring and understanding your fuel consumption is the first step to becoming a more fuel efficient person or organisation. This results in not only a cost saving to you but also better resources utilization by the community and is more environmental sensitive.

Fuel Consumption Converter

Fuel Consumption Conversions
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